Transfers Airport Burgas Pomorie

You can order Transfers Airport Burgas Pomorie / taxi from Burgas Airport to BOJONE car hire as soon as you decide not expensive and profitable. Order a transfer or taxi from the airport at any time of the day, but not less than 2 hours before your arrival time.

Transfers / Taxis Airport Burgas Pomorie

Pomorie is situated on a peninsula jutting out into the sea about 5 km. Due to its convenient location (10-15 minutes away from the airport Burgas), terrain (flat), the availability of low-cost trade-in the summer of private housing and shallow sea, and its curative mud city ideal for relaxing family with small children.

In the event of late payment the flight of your services does not change and is fully consistent with what is specified in the order.The driver does not increase the cost of the transfer, even after a long wait the arrival or other additional costs.

Company BOJONE car rental offers a full range of services! Pay for a shuttle service can be immediately after arrival at the destination.

Transfers Airport Burgas Pomorie | Taxi airport Burgas Pomorie