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Transfers Airport Burgas Duni

You can order Тransfers Airport Burgas Duni / taxi from Burgas Airport to BOJONE car hire as soon as you decide not expensive and profitable. Order a transfer or taxi from the airport at any time of the day, but not less than 2 hours before your arrival time.

Тransfers Airport Burgas Duni

Тransfers Airport Burgas Duni

Transfers / Taxis Airport Burgas Duni

Dunes Resort is not for nothing is among the most luxurious and modern resorts in Bulgaria. The proximity of the unique nature reserves collected in the valley of the river Ropotamo, together with the original architecture of buildings — this combination can boast not every resort on the Black Sea. From the mouth of the Ropotamo River offers a wonderful view of the island of St. Thomas, or Snake Island, named so because of living there gray water snakes eating fish inhabiting nearby. Location is remarkable for its wild cactus genus Opuntia, which King Boris III moved to the Botanical Garden in Bratislava. Flowering in June, big yellow flowers, cactus occupy almost half of the island. Cactus fruit the size of a plum, strawberries are edible and smell. Great Valley Ropotamo Reserve is a marshy lagoon Alepu, meaning fox. Hence, the second name — the swamp fox. In fact Alepu is overgrown with reeds and other marsh vegetation estuary separated from the sea by sand dunes.

In the event of late payment the flight of your services does not change and is fully consistent with what is specified in the order. The driver does not increase the cost of the transfer, even after a long wait the arrival or other additional costs.

Company BOJONE car rental offers a full range of services! Pay for a shuttle service can be immediately after arrival at the destination.

Тransfers Airport Burgas Duni Taxis Airport Burgas Duni