Airport Transfers Burgas Sunny Beach

You can order Airport Transfers Burgas Sunny Beach with BojoneRentaCar once you decide, not expensive and profitable.Order a transfer or a taxi from Burgas Airport can be at any time of the day, but not less than 2 hours before your arrival time.Sunny Beach — the largest sea resort in the east Bulgaria.Located in the Gulf in the Black Sea beach, a length of 10 km and a width in the central portion of up to 100 m, covered with fine yellow sand.Located between the cities of Varna (90 km) and Burgas (36 km), it is part of the city (community) of Nessebar, the oldest part of which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bulgaria.Between the old Nessebar and Sunny Beach (up to the northern tip) shuttle buses.

Transfers Burgas Airport to Sunny Beach

In the event of late payment the flight of your services does not change and is fully consistent with what is specified in the order.The driver does not increase the cost of the transfer, even after a long wait the arrival or other additional costs.

BojoneRentaCar company provides a full range of services! Pay for a shuttle service can be immediately after arrival at the destination.

Airport Transfers Burgas Sunny Beach | Taxi airport Burgas Sunny Beach